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Pet Meds for Keeping Fleas at Bay

Any pet-dog, cat, hamster, bunny-can suffer when fleas take up residence in their coats. That’s why it’s important to be proactive in keeping fleas at bay. But it takes more than a weekly bath with baby shampoo, and old-fashioned flea dips have gone the way of the Dodo Bird. Fortunately, these days pets can be protected from biting pests with any of a number of products.

Frontline Plus for Dogs and Puppies is one of the most effective medications to keep your dog-young or old-safe from fleas and other pests. This topical medication kills adult fleas as well as their eggs and larvae within twenty-four hours of application. Ticks, too, will fall before the powerful ingredients in Frontline Plus. The effects last for thirty days, even if your dog likes to swim or take regular baths. It’s easy to apply, too.

You simply squeeze the medicine onto your pet’s skin between her shoulder blades, and she’s good to go…and fleas, ticks, and lice are as good as gone.Revolution for Cats is an effective flea killer, too. It kills adult fleas and stops flea eggs from hatching. This safe monthly topical medication also prevents and controls heartworm disease and ear mite infestations as well as roundworm and hookworm infections. Non-greasy and quick-drying, it is a simple product to use and provides long lasting relief to your cat.

You can fight fleas with an internal control, too. Program Flavor Tabs for Dogs can be used on adult dogs and puppies as young as four weeks, to prevent and control fleas. It works by preventing flea eggs from developing. It won’t kill adult fleas, so you might need to use an additional product to take care of infestations of adult fleas. Capstar Tablets is one option to use with Program Flavor Tabs. Captstar Tablets kill adult fleas, plus they prevent eggs from hatching. Program makes Flavor Tabs for Cats  too, and Capstar has formulated tablets for felines as well.

If you’re not comfortable applying a topical medication to your dog’s skin or giving him an oral flea preventative, you might consider the PowerBand Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs. This collar offers total protection for your pet through all stages of the flea life cycle. Adult and young fleas will die quickly as will flea eggs, and the effects last for up to five months. This collar also kills ticks for the same period of time. It provides quick relief for your beloved pet and you can use it with little fear of side effects.

Shampoos offer immediate and soothing relief to pets. Adams Flea and Tick Shampoo kills fleas, ticks and lice on dogs and cats. It has the added benefit of being a coat restorative and a deodorant and flea repellant. It can be used on puppies and kittens, too. Bathing your pet every two weeks with this shampoo will keep him clean, sweet smelling and flea-free!

Ecto-Soothe 3X Shampoo contains oatmeal to soothe the skin and synergized pyrethrins to kill fleas. It can be used on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that are at least twelve weeks old. You’ll love the way your pet’s fur feels and smells after shampooing him with this product, and he will feel much better, too.Of course, just killing fleas on your pet doesn’t solve the problem completely.

You’ll need to treat the house and yard as well. One can of Siphotrol Plus Fogger kills fleas in an entire room and then prevents eggs from developing for thirty weeks. That’s a lot of killing power and an extensive control period for your pets as well as your family members. Plus it’s simple to use and the odor dissipates quickly, leaving your home fresh smelling and flea free.Siphotrol also offers their X-Tend Handheld Yard and Patio Fogger to kill not only fleas outside your home, but ticks and mosquitoes, too.

Treating up to ten thousand square feet of yard and patio, it also helps control ants, roaches, spiders, wasps and other pests. Your pet-and your whole family-will be grateful when you treat your outside living spaces with this powerful product. You’ll all be able to spend more time in your outdoor living spaces without fear of attracting pesky bugs.If you want to spot treat around your home’s interior, consider using Mycodex Plus Environment Aerosol Household Spray. This product will kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs, plus it will control re-infestation for more than two hundred days.

Use it to kill pests on your pet’s bedding or on your upholstery and furniture. It also helps control ticks, roaches, ants, lice, silverfish, spiders and other insects. One aerosol can will cover up to five hundred square feet, giving you plenty of bug killing action. With this product, your home will be comfortable for everyone-pets and humans alike.The comfort and good health of your pets is a top priority for any loving master or owner. Use these helpful tips to keep your furry friends comfortable and free of fleas forever!